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Shira Girls Choir 3

Shira Girls Choir 3

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Original Release Date Mar 2, 2011
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Hear The Shira Girls Choir as you've never heard them before! Their third album entitled "Princess" features 10 brand new hit songs composed by choir director Chaya Bruria Sachs. With musical arrangements by Yisroel Lamm and Yanky Briskman this upbeat yet inspirational album is a must-have for all women and girls.

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Genuine!!!! Review by smashingstar
The voices on this CD sound real- not so common nowadays!
If you love slow songs and/or beaty songs, buy this; it has a great variety!
ENJOY IT!!!!! (Posted on 12/25/11)
I LOOOVE THIS CD!!!!! Review by a veeeery big fan of sgc!!!!
This CD is amazing!!! i luv all the lyrics and tunes and I just cant stop listening 2 it!!!I think e/1 shuld buy it!! (Posted on 4/7/11)
Incredible ! Review by Rdh
Chaya Bruria has been blessed with the talent to compose AND direct the beautifully talented voices of these Baltimore girls. Its a pleasure to listen to !
(Posted on 3/27/11)
amazing talent ! Review by rdh
Chaya Bruria has been blessed with the incredible talent to compose AND direct the wonderfully talented voices of these Baltimore girls. A great pleasure to listen to ! (Posted on 3/27/11)
Buy it!!! It's great! Review by dena
This is a great CD. The fast songs are lively and fun and the slow gorgous! I love vchulam. (Posted on 3/23/11)
Luv it!!! Review by A Shira fan!
Awesome CD!!!!!!! Can't stop listening! (Posted on 3/8/11)
Amazing! Review by mother of a choir member
So professional and beautiful. A definite must listen to! (Posted on 3/4/11)
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Review by anonymous chior member
WOW!! THIS CD IS REEEEEEELLLLLLLYYYYY AMAZING!! I'm soooooo exciting to own it!!!( well i could be a liiiiiiiiiiiittttttllllllleeeeeee biased :P)
ANONYMOUS CHIOR MEMBER :) (Posted on 3/3/11)

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